A Cow-Breaking Record!

You may or may not have understood the cow theory, so just to complicate matters more, here’s an update. 🙂

In a feat of pure bovine ingenuity, Constructive Media has mustered up 8 cows working in parallel to help produce DVD-quality animation frames for one of our clients! One of our cows is also equipped with dual Xeon processors (think two stomachs to digest pixels – and yes, we are aware that all cows actually have four) and some of the other cows in the herd are HT-equipped (HyperThreading) which is sort of like a one-stomach cow faking it has two.

With the power of 8 cows working together, Constructive Media is looking to expand its renderfarm not only in sheer numbers, but also through the use of semi-legal cattle steriods (ie additional memory and faster processors) we also seek to ensure the rest of the herd is kept up-to-date.

All up this means our renderfarm is growing rather rapidly, and is bound to help churn out (can this press release get any cheesier?) some rather schmicko looking visuals in much less time.

If you understood any of the above, you can consider yourself to be a “cownerd“.

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