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Unless expressed otherwise, the text and pre-construction visuals and other information or data contained in the Constructive Media Web Site, Software, Apps, and Media Archive are copyrighted by Constructive Media and may not be used or reproduced without further permission. Photos are often supplied by external sources, Constructive Media acknowledges the original owner of these photos and does not assume copyright for photos not taken by Constructive Media.


All information provided in this web site has been made for informative purposes only and while all reasonable means have been taken to ensure accuracy, Constructive Media does not guarantee it to be error-free. You accept all risks and responsibility for losses, damages, costs and other consequence resulting directly or indirectly from using this site and any information or material available from it. Constructive Media provides no guarantees for any external sites linked to from this web site.

Constructive Media also produces software (“Apps”) and while all reasonable means have been taken to ensure accuracy and functionality, Constructive Media does not guarantee it to be error-free.


For security purposes, a log file is kept of all accesses to the Constructive Media Archive. Information logged consists of the page and time accessed, and the IP address from which the access was made – both of which are normal logs that are usually generated by any web server – but absolutely no personal information is accessed or stored.

We respect your privacy and do not collect any personal data on this website, unless you have willingly supplied it to us through the use of contact forms. We will not sell or distribute any identifying information without your permission – we hate spam just as much as you do, and respect your right to browse the Internet without having your inbox bombarded by dodgy pyramid schemes and moulded rubber products.

Terms of Use

We reserve the right to change these Terms from time to time with or without notice to you.  You acknowledge and agree that it is your responsibility to periodically review this Website and these Terms. Your continued use of this Website and Services after such modifications will constitute acknowledgement and acceptance of the modified Terms.

By using this web site, or any of Constructive Media’s software, apps, AR or VR experiences you agree to be bound by these terms. If you do not wish to be bound by these terms, simply exit the web site and/or cease using the software, apps, AR or VR experiences.


If you have any further concerns please do not hesitate to contact Constructive Media on (618) 9461 7380.

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