What We Do

Constructive Media specialises in producing innovative, engaging and memorable experiences across industries such as property, oil & gas, mining & resources, healthcare and more.

Our 3D visuals, animations, digital videos, augmented and virtual reality experiences are crafted to communicate – they have been used across many forms of marketing from web sites to mobile apps, to signage, to television and more!

The value of our work is much more than skin deep, as we aim for win-win solutions that help our clients to pitch, promote, and sell more effectively – in return we establish and ongoing relationship of continued success.

We work together with our clients, collaborate with advertising & marketing agencies and suppliers to develop mind-blowing solutions.

Who We Are

We are a team of experienced, passionate, and creative professionals who love to create solutions that give people an experience that they will never forget.

Established in 2003, we have grown up surrounded by technology and have always looked to apply unique and innovative solutions to a wide range of problems.

We have created digital media to help sell apartments, install subsea infrastructure, design playgrounds, educateĀ the general public, showcase medical marvels, and display someĀ amazing engineering feats in both the mining and oil and gas industries!

We love a challenge, and love it even more when we see our clients return with happy smiles and repeat business.

Darren Kam

CEO & Founder

Loves problem solving, new ideas, and new applications for technology.

Bjorn Hevroy

Senior Visualiser

Insanely great at creating visual masterpieces and experiences.

Mark Whelan

Production Lead

Specialist with engineering, oil & gas, and mining, energy & resource projects.

Damian Justin

Web Ninja

Specialist with engineering, oil & gas, and mining, energy & resource projects.

Jason Lim

3D Generalist

3D modelling & architectural expert with a keen eye to details.

Rhys Scott

Graphic & 3D Designer

Creative designer with attention to detail in producing high quality artistry.