Building a Renderfarm, aka “The Cow Theory”

With more clients and much larger projects to work on, Constructive Media is starting to build a renderfarm. In probably the most irrelevant analogy used yet-to-date, you can picture a renderfarm as a herd of cows aimed at destroying the weed-like pixels. A single cow can eat a pixel alone, but a team of cows (cunning creatures as they are) can absolutely demolish a group of pixels.

Because that analogy really didn’t work, basically it means that Constructive Media is pooling together a stack of processing machines to generate animations and images quicker than ever before.

For example, if we are to generate a 30-second animation to be played back at 25 frames per second (fps) this equates to:

30 seconds x 25 frames per second = 750 individual frames.

If one machine takes 1 minute per frame, that’s 750 minutes or about 12.5 hours!

Hence, if we have 4 machines in the renderfarm all working simultaneously, the same 30 second animation will only take just over 3 hours to complete.

This is just the beginning of the renderfarm – we will add more cows – processing machines – to help in the war against pixels.

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