Constructive Media Network – coming soon!

Never ones to stand still, rumour has it that we are about to launch the Constructive Media Network – a collective network of suppliers that we have used in the past and simply adore. So much so, that when clients ask us for details of a local business that can help them out we want to be able to tell them that we know exactly where they should go!

In the past we have had numerous requests for extra services such as commercial interior design services, architectural guidance, and we have even had a person call after wanting to purchase property that we have done visuals for! In light of this, yes the rumours are true and we are on the cusp of launching our Media Network.

Trusted suppliers (and generally people who just plain and simply rock at what they do) will be able to join the network – our goal is simply to promote local talent and to help out other businesses. The end result is that clients will be able to come into Constructive Media to receive "the full package" – they don’t need to seek out an ideal solution for:

+ website design
+ signage
+ draftspersons
+ designers
+ architects
+ interior designers
+ professional photographers
+ digital video walkthroughs

… they can simply come to the one location and we’ll organise the rest for them! Perfect for property developers and managers, if you have a development that needs promoting, look no further!

More details about the Constructive Media Network will be released shortly, together with an accompanying newsletter and document about how you can join!

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