Dual-core cows coming to the renderfarm soon!

It’s natural progression at its very finest. We started off with the single cow in the renderfarm, happilly churning through pixel after pixel. However, soon there were more pixels than the single cow could accommodate for, so we added more cows.

This meant there was now a herd of cows, ready to pounce on any pixels that dared to stray from the pack. But we underestimated the proliferation of these pixels, and even a herd of cows started to struggle.

So now, it’s time to strengthen the herd.

Cows go moo

Constructive Media is investing in not one, not two, but a new herd of these "dual-core cows" that will supplement the existing herd! What does this mean (apart from giving us an excuse to use cows on our website)?

It means that your visuals will be done in less time, so we can "crank up the quality a notch or two" and provide you with better images in the same amount of time.

Glowing cows still moo

If you’re still wondering what the heck we’re talking about, have a quick read of the "Cow Theory" proposed in December of 2004 – then you’ll really spin-out!

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