Introducing Contact3

The latest development from within Constructive Media has finally been unveiled to the general public. After years of research and dedication, we are proud to bring to the world "Contact3" – a solution that will surpass all previously attempted solutions for allowing the human eye to perceive 3D visuals.


Regular computer-generated 3D visuals of future-based products have involved a tedious modelling process, which is then followed up by hours of painstaking lighting and materials allocation, and finally rendered out to produce visuals either in electronic or paper-based format.

That was the past. We have invented the future. This is Contact3.

Contact3 is a contact lens-based system that is actually an organic processor and direct eye display (DED) unit. Before the contact lens is placed onto the eye, it is wired up to a computer that loads a predetermined set of co-ordinates and visuals into the organic processor. When the user visits the right location on the earth’s surface (calculated using GPS co-ordinates), the lens automatically readjusts the users vision to incorporate the computer-generated image, superimposing this onto what the user is actually seeing.

As the user moves, the computer-generated image scales and resizes proportionally, giving the true illusion of a future product in place of an existing product.

This revolutionary new product has gathered interest from surgeons, property developers, shareholders and clairvoyants – all people seeking to find ways to directly visualise the future.

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