Maya 6 now in use at Constructive Media

Always seeking to improve the quality of its visuals, Constructive Media has invested in Maya 6, a high-end Academy-Award winning software rendering package that has also been used to produce special effects in movies such as Spiderman and Lord of the Rings – The Return of the King.

High-end projects require more detailed modeling and lighting, and so a major leap forward was taken by Constructive Media to begin using the new Maya software. Apart from providing us with more flexibility and more natural-looking models, Maya has now opened the doors for higher-quality logo and character-based animations.

Constructive Media will continue to develop Maya-based solutions for commercial projects, and with the use of Mental Ray technology the images produced are a lot more technologically advanced in terms of sheer accuracy and quality. The increase in quality does require more processing power, so Constructive Media is now looking to build an in-house render farm that can be used for generating animations and large format images much quicker.

Maya 6 also gives Constructive Media the ability to use special animation techniques such as motion blur which was previously impossible under the old software. A giant leap forward for the company, Constructive Media will continue to invest in new software and hardware to ensure its clients receive the highest quality products possible.

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