Pure Blonde

Hrmmm what to say. Well to start with, Pure Blonde is a low carb beer (great if you want to be drunk and look good doing it), it’s full strength (4.6% AVB) and has a twist top. These are all qualities one must look for in a beer …

… except for the twist top – pop tops are usually a sign of better beer. It has a mild taste so it would be a good night starter beer, and according to the Fosters (the people who brew it) web site, "94% of people who try Pure Blonde buy it again" — I like those odds!

I recommend it not just for beer lovers but also for the common folk as well.

I’d give it a 7/10 – not because it’s a bad drop, just that I don’t believe in Darren’s starting at the top rating syste. (see the 9/10 given for the Wattle Black Ale Beer)

This review was proudly brought to you by Gwyn Hughes, Junior Architectural Illustrator.


Fosters Pure Blonde: www.fosters.com.au/enjoy/beer/pureblonde.htm

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