Stuck for ideas?

It’s that time of the year again, but this year instead of pulling your hair out (believe me, it’s not a good gift) we have decided to offer you a list of funky presents that we like so you can – ahem – get them for us. Kidding – for your friends and family!

1. Ford BA Fairmont or XR6. Paul doesn’t partcularly seem choosy here, either of the two would suffice.

2. LaCie Brick Desktop Hard Drive. These just look like Lego blocks, just try telling your 2 year old nephew not to throw it off your desk.

3. One hundred and thirteen limestone blocks. Apparently one of the staff here needs them for a retaining wall.

4. Robobop. After a recent
break-in at our office, we could do with one of these. Nothing says "anti-theft protection" like a man wearing a big shiny helmet wielding an equally shiny gun.

5. New kitchen sink.
Renovations galore with staff members here – and a new kitchen sink is on the list!

6. Everlasting halogen globes.
High ceilings plus halogen globes equals having to bring in a ladder every 3 months. Not cool.

7. Taylor Made R7 Driver. Although the dodgy imitation version does surprisingly well!

8. LCD screens that work in bright daylight. Blindingly bright LCD screens that would – say – allow us to work at the beach during the day?!

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