V-Ray 2 SP1 released for 3DS Max 2012!

The official version of V-Ray 2 SP1 for 3ds Max 2012 has been released! Constructive Media will be upgrading all of its systems to take full advantage of bug fixes and enhancements, and also looks forward to the speed increase that 3ds Max 2012 will (hopefully) bring.

Constructive Media


V-Ray/Max – 2.0 SP1
Service Pack 1 for V-Ray 2.0

[bug] UNHANDLED EXCEPTION: Rendering region – resolved.

[feature request] XML output for the VRayRenderID render element – resolved.

[feature request] Add an option to VRayToon to compensate the camera exposure – resolved.

[bug] Wrong spelling for “affect specular” option in VRaySun – resolved.

[feature request] Option in VRayDistanceTex for a solid inside color – resolved.

[feature request] Ability to map the radius in VRayDistanceTex with a texture – resolved.

[feature request] VRayBlendMtl material blocks the material IDs of its sub-materials – resolved.

[feature request] Add a MetaSL representation for the VRayColor texture for 3ds Max 2012 – resolved.

[feature request] “dome_visibleOriginal” MaxScript option for controlling filtering of light textures for glossy rays – resolved.

[bug] VRayLightSelect element allows the user to pick meshes instead of just lights – resolved.

[feature request] Export of the VRayFastSSS2 material by the .vrscene exporter – resolved.

[feature request] Options for the VRayMaterialID and VRayObjectID render elements to use colors instead of integers for proper antialiasing – resolved.

[bug] Crash with pre-render script that turns off V-Ray lights – resolved.
[feature request] Possibility to add user command line options to 3dsmax.exe when started from the spawner – resolved.

[feature request] Add MaxScript method to open the DR settings window – resolved.

[feature request] Resizable file save dialog for .exr/.vrimg files – resolved.

[bug] V-Ray bitmap to VRayHDRI converter script does not take the Input Gamma of textures into account – resolved.

[feature request] Move the .dra file exported from the Hair&Fur plugins to the temporary user folder – resolved.

[bug] The V-Ray presets do not load if the system decimal symbol is “,” – resolved.

[bug] Exception thrown after rendering when “VRay raw image file” is choosen and VFB is not enabled – resolved.

[bug] Warning about retrace threshold and use light cache for glossy rays comes up even when not using the light cache – resolved.

[bug] Crash with VRayCarPaintMtl material – resolved.

[bug] Fringes on the edges of flakes in VRayCarPaintMtl material – resolved.

[feature request] Ability to turn off the reflections separately for all layers of the VRayCarPaintMtl material – resolved.

[feature request] Add a separate VRayFlakesMtl material with just the flakes BRDF from the VRayCarPaintMtl material – resolved.

[feature request] Bump slot for the base layer of the VRayCarPaintMtl material – resolved.

[feature request] An environment override slot for VRayCarPaintMtl material – resolved.

[bug] .vrscene exporter does not export the “frames_per_second” output setting – resolved.

[bug] Spikes with 3d displacement with “Keep continuity” enabled and particular bad geometry – resolved.

[feature request] Ability to call the “Calculate” and “Save to CSV file” operations on the VRayLightMeter from MaxScript – resolved.

[feature request] Hair&Fur modifier in “mr prim” mode does not generate UV coordinates – resolved.

[feature request] Use the same Object ID for hair&fur as the emitter object – resolved.

[feature request] Custom material to work with the Hair & Fur modifier – resolved.

[bug] Wrong velocity channel when rendering Hair&Fur natively – resolved.

[bug] Bug with velocity element for VRayFur – resolved.

[bug] Loading an image in the V-Ray VFB with a different resolution does not work correctly – resolved.

[bug] Image copied from VFB to clipboard has first column of pixels swapped for the last one! – resolved.

[bug] Error in .vrscene animation exporting script when there is a VRayPlane object in the scene – resolved.

[bug] Crashes with particle systems with 3d displacement and motion blur enabled – resolved.

[bug] VRayExposureControl is not accessible from MaxScript – resolved.

[bug] Mesh lights not exported from .vrscene animation exporter – resolved.

[feature request] Add the possibility for ply2vrmesh to convert RealFlow .bin files to .vrmesh files – resolved.

[bug] vrimg2exr does not preserve the pixel aspect information for the resulting .exr file – resolved.

[bug] img2tiledexr used wrong formula when converting images from sRGB color space – resolved.

[feature request] Support for Fume FX Fire, Smoke, Velocity and Z-Depth render elements – resolved.

[bug] Rendering with GI may use more detailed texture mip-map levels than necessary – resolved.

[bug] VRayHDRI may not respect the specified tiled image memory limit – resolved.

[bug] VRayLights that exclude an object should appear transparent for GI rays from that object – resolved.

[bug] Dark hilights for the base reflection layer of VRayCarPaintMtl – resolved.

[bug] Grain with subpixel mapping and clamp output – resolved.

[bug] Slow rendering and excessive memory usage when many proxies occupy the same space – resolved.

[bug] Randomly missing gizmos when rendering VRayEnvironmentFog – resolved.

[feature request] Access to the material override exclude list from maxscript – resolved.

[bug] vrimg files saved from the VFB have no thumbnails if copied to the VFB history folder – closed.

[feature request] The “Browse” button for the “Split channels” file name should open the folder with the currently selected name (if any) – closed.

Many thanks again to Vlado and the team at Chaos Group!

Reference Links:

Chaos Group: http://www.chaosgroup.com/en/2/vray.html

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