CM Interns say goodbye

This week, two deserving, superstar animation almost-graduates from Qantm College wrapped up their participation at the inaugural Internship Program at Constructive Media. For the last two months, Taylor and Jono have been experiencing the studio life for two days a week with the ambition of developing their skills and passions under the guidance of our talented production staff, and to get a taste of the common practices of a professional workplace whilst gaining experience solving real-world problems that carry real life consequences (read time-is-money).

 At the commencement of the program the interns were asked to put together a project proposal to define what they would like to learn and produce during their internship, with access to the invaluable mentorship of CM’ers Matt, Mark and Cam to assist with technical direction and advice.

They soon found that whilst it’s good to be ambitious and set your sights high, sometimes deadlines just can’t be budged – yet we were still totally blown away with what they delivered!

House exterior by Jonathan Greenham 

Empire State Building by Taylor Nagle

The Internship Program is an initiative born out of Constructive Media’s commitment to supporting and ‘giving back’ to the 3D community, by helping to develop local talented artists who will become the future drivers and innovators of the industry. We endeavour to continue running improved incarnations of the program into the future, and even see ourselves expanding the offer to other creative fields such as programming and web design.

Both Taylor and Jono expressed their appreciation at the opportunity to experience processes of a professional and creative workplace such as 9.09 meetings (and FIFA lunchbreaks), and that they would be highly likely to recommend the program to other students and graduates seeking a career in the 3D industry.

A highlight of the program was having Taylor and Jono lend a helping hand on set during a green-screen shoot, who even pitched in with the expertise that they have learned through their studies (which we of course we had some fun with).

From the team at Constructive Media, we congratulate Taylor and Jono for their hard work and accomplishments, and wish them the best as they prepare to launch their exciting careers. We hope that they continue to follow in pursuit of their passions, never stop wanting to learn, and always remember to have fun doing it!


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