CM Racing Results

The winner of the CM Racing Competition is … PETE MAIDMENT! With a score of $54,651,621.90 he narrowly edged our JOSH on $50,818,951.72 as recorded at 12 noon (WST) on November 5 2009.

CM Racing

We had a total of 154 players participating, and a hard fought battle towards the end saw Pete Maidment take out the honours after Josh made a huge charge towards the finish line. In third place we had Bjorn Hevroy on $1,331,130.00, with BuddyLuv on $819,202.55 in fourth, and Matt on $144,999.40 rounding up fifth place.

If you’re wondering how Pete did it – you can read his testimony here!

"Being a horse racing/gambling tragic from way back, when the email arrived about this little CM Racing game I was most intrigued.  My initial aim was to beat McNuff07 who I assumed to be a fella I used to work at Wembley but as I tumbled from my opening $1000 back to $10 I noticed that he had disappeared from the leader board as well and he never popped up as a threat again.

After about and hour stuck on $10 (with the occasional small win) I figured that the roughies were coming in a little more frequently than their odds suggested they should.  With a tremendous amount of restraint (something that I do not have with real money) I bet the $10 to place on the roughie until it came in.  I continued with this until I figured that I had enough to raise it to $20 and so on.  I also noticed that the most common winner of the long shots was the $72.10, so if it ever came up, I also bet on the win.

Getting back to $1000 was a milestone!  It took 10 mins to lose it all and about 10 hours to get it all back.  I think at the end of the first day I was at $173 000 or thereabouts. 

Somewhere the next night I got into a bit of a grudge match with Buddyluv (a fellow fantasy NFL league member) as we swapped 1st & 2nd a few times.  My greatest early tragedy was when a bet on a $72 horse paid over $1000000 and a glitch did not allow the pay out.  Another million dollar non-payout, and a note to the developers and I settled back into a betting pattern to make sure that my payouts would be less than 1 million.  It was during this run that the ante was upped by Josh who not only over took my total, but had me completely dominated for a while.  The competitive streak flared up again and I had to get back on top.  A few rash bets and things looked bad for a while, but moving back to what I knew best, the total started to build again.  Once the million dollar payout glitch was fixed I had a few big wins (and many big losses) but went to bed on Wed night with $54.6 million, knowing I would not get to the computer all day and hoping it would hold up.

Luckily, it was just enough but congrats to Josh who really came at me the last 2 days and forced me to spend even more time with the game.  When you live in South Hedland, something like this to whittle away the hours is a godsend!

Thanks to everyone involved and well done to the developers."

Pete Maidment now gets to choose between the $100 Event Cinemas movie gift voucher or a carton of the "Connoissuers Pack of Beer" from the International Beer Shop as his prize.

The top 50 are as below:

1st Place PETE MAIDMENT $54,651,621.90
2nd Place JOSH $50,818,951.72
3rd Place BJORN HEVROY $1,033,130.00
4 BUDDYLUV $819,202.55
5 MATT $144,999.40
6 DAZK $128,403.66
7 BRADYSDAD 1 $11,001.00
8 BRADY $11,000.00
9 NOWHEREFAST $10,892,10
10 KEYLOCK $10,097.97
11 LITTLE HORSEY $8,903.00
12 DANIELLE $4,869.04
13 NATTYB $3,929.60
14 LITTLE BITT $2,827.92
15 ANDI $2,694.13
16 DANIEL $2,056.15
17 LLAMA $1,950.00
18 BIGKEV2 $1,777.96
19 GEORGE $1,693.85
20 RUSSELL $1,531.50
21 BREE DUNFORD $1,530.40
22 THIRSTY $1,520.40
23 BANNIS $1,460.00
24 REGAN $1,427.91
25 GIGMAN $1,411.00
26 NARELLE $1,147.89
27 PAUL $1,053.00
28 KATH $1,037.06
29 CHO0K $1,000.00
30 JORDAN $1,000.00
31 NIKSTAR $1,000.00
32 ANDREWG $1,000.00
33 BRAD $996.00
34 SHELLEYC $950.00
35 KIRKO $940.68
36 NIGEL $940.00
37 DOOKIE $930.00
38 DAVE $920.00
39 EARS $905.70
40 LOOK $900.00
41 BOOTSIE $900.00
42 LEANNE $861.67
43 DEBBIE $859.40
44 LUIGILUIGI $850.50
45 HOODY $850.00
46 ROCKET $826.50
47 JAMIE KAY $805.00
48 IAIN $803.80
49 CEESAW $706.75
50 BOXY $700.00

Many thanks to all who played – now you can get back to work!

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