End of week beer review: Pepperjack Ale

It has been a while since we last reviewed a beer, this week we have been made privvy to information that Saltram of Barossa (famous for their Barossa Valley Shiraz) have released Pepperjack Ale – we hand you over to Cam, our resident master brewer for his take on this ale.


Pepperjack announces itself with a hoppy effervescent swagger that ends with a metallic and pilsnerish twang.


Indeed it is a true beery beer, for men who long for that illusive taste of the open road, the open seas, the open tinny on the verandah as the sun sets over the ocean.


Pepperjack, a taste to bring you back.

Master Brewer Cameron Aitkenhead.

(If you want to try this beer out, check out the International Beer Shop in West Leederville.)

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