I’m dreaming of a white … everything?

You can have any choice of colour in the world … so long as it is white.

If you were to mention the words "Hey guess what? I just bought myself a new car!" – the first response that you are likely to get will be "What sort is it?" closely followed by "What colour did you get!"

Colour can be one of the most polarising things about life. Black cars show dirt, white cars are too common, red cars go faster – all of these preconceived ideas and stereotypes immediately jump into our minds.

But what if you could see the world in white?

This is the philosophy behind the all-white interior visuals that are being produced at Constructive Media – if we take away the colours from an image, your mind is allowed to roam free, and you can start imagining what your interiors will look like. Write it down, give us a list and watch as your ideas are brought to life. We can give you as many colour schemes as you like – but best of all, you have the choice.

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