New Year, New Logo!

It was about time we came up with a new logo. Considering much of our work concentrates on using basic building blocks of pixels it isn’t hard to see where the inspiration came from!

Constructive Media Logo

Sticking with our red theme, the logo features lots of little squares. We could have come up with some long-winded explanation for the exact placement of each square and its symbolic meaning but really we all just sat back and said “Yep, that’s good.” (Sometimes it really is better not to over-analyse things!)

You’ll start to see this logo appearing on all of our new stationery, business cards etc and who knows – maybe one day you’ll be walking past a holographic 50 storey building with one of these featured on the cornerstone!

All of us at Constructive Media wish everyone a safe return to work/play and for a very prosperous 2005!

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