Watching the grass grow … literally

If you think we don’t do much in the office, you’re probably right.

In fact, sometimes we quite literally go out and ‘watch the grass grow.’

In the name of producing better textures for use in our 3D visuals, we go outside into the "real world" to take photos of – you guessed it – grass. Not just any grass, but lush grass, dead grass, and sometimes if we’re lucky – we’ll even take a photo of fresh lawn.

These textures are then brought into Photoshop for some retouching and manipulation, before being used as texture maps for simulating – you guessed it – grass in our images!

As exciting as this article is, it does have a valid point – if you need a particular texture recreated, as long as we can find a brochure, a sample, or a photo of the material we can make it!

(Sneakers proudly modeled by Oskar)


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