What we do

Constructive Media specialises in producing innovative, engaging, and memorable experiences across industries such as property, oil & gas, mining & resources, and more. The value of our work is much more than skin deep, as it has helped our clients to pitch, promote, and sell. We work together with our clients, collaborate with advertising & marketing agencies, and suppliers to develop mind-blowing solutions.

3D Visuals

This is our bread and butter - we spend every day researching & creating mind blowing 3D visuals.

3D Animations

We create animations that tell a story - take advantage of 3D space and be creative!

Digital Videos

We create inspiring videos to communicate memorable experiences.

Virtual Reality

Now we're getting onto the fun stuff! Immersive experiences and out of this world fun!

Augmented Reality

Watch as a 3D model pops up off the page before your very eyes! Scan to reveal so much more!

Custom Developments

Apps for smart devices. Custom software. Databases. Touchscreen kiosks. So much to look forward to!

About Constructive Media

We are a team of experienced, passionate, and creative professionals who love to create solutions that give people an experience that they will never forget.

Established in 2003, we have grown up surrounded by technology and have always looked to apply unique and innovative solutions to a wide range of problems. We have created media to help sell apartments, install subsea infrastructure, design playgrounds, and showcase some amazing engineering feats!

We love a challenge, and love to see our clients return with happy smiles.

Our Work

We produce 3D renders, animations, fly-throughs, digital videos, touchscreens, web sites, and are seeing the future with augmented and virtual reality!

Echelon South Perth

3D Renders & Animation, Digital Video

Road Safety Commission

3D Animations promoting road safety

East Bank by Psaros

3D Renders & Augmented Reality

Gorgon Project

HLTI 3D Animation

2016 Regional Telethon Home

Pre-construction visuals

Eden Beach Foreshore

3D renders of playground

VITA West Leederville

Touchscreen Interface

Park Avenue VR Tour

Virtual Reality

Wonderland Music Festival

Visual Effects

Austin Lakes Shopping Centre

Pre-construction 3D Renders

Dorrien Gardens

Promo 3D renders

JD Rail Solutions

3D Digital Animation

Meet some of the Team

We are a talented and experienced team - and you'll be working directly with us, so it's only natural that you might want to know a bit more about us! We gets hands on with every single one of our projects and yes - you will meet us face to face. (Even with all this technology nothing beats the ability to collaborate as humans!)

Darren Kam

CEO & Founder

Loves problem solving, new ideas, and new applications for technology.

Bjorn Hevroy

Senior Visualiser

Insanely great at creating visual masterpieces and experiences.

Cam Scott

Senior Visualiser

Master of animations, motion graphics, post production, 3D and more.

Mark Whelan

Production Lead

Specialist with engineering, oil & gas, and mining, energy & resource projects.